Important information regarding SBS 2003 and Office 2013 compatibility issues

Now is the time to start thinking about replacing your Small business server 2003 with the latest edition of Small Business Server – 2011

Below are list of features and reasons that you should upgrade your operating system.

The most common issue we are finding now is that Microsoft Office 2013* will NOT work on SBS 2003 if you use outlook. Office 2010 has now stopped being produced.

The only option in order to still get Office 2010 is to sign up for a volume licence agreement with Microsoft. This will allow you to downgrade the Office 2013 versions to 2010; they are however more than double the price . Also you cannot upgrade them back to 2013 once downgraded to a previous version.

Why and what are the benefits?

  • The SBS 2011 runs on the latest hardware for even faster performance. It supports 64-bit processors, and up to 32GB of memory, compared to the 4GB supported with SBS 2003.
  • Microsoft’s support for SBS 2003 will soon cease, which means new programs that are now being released will no longer support SBS 2003
  • Companies that get audited for specific reasons usually have to have the latest version of operating system
  • SBS 2011 has a 1000 GB Exchange database limit – SBS 2003 has only 75GB. This allows users to have much larger mailboxes. SBS 2011 also supports automated email archiving, which keeps mailboxes running optimally.
  • SBS 2011 has an updated version of the remote web access, making it easier for users to log into their PCs, check email and access their files from anywhere.

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*Excluding Microsoft Volume licenced