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Most cyber security attacks succeed, not through technological genius or brute force, but through social engineering and trickery. Your employees need to be well trained and vigilant in order to spot the signs of a potential threat and respond accordingly.

As well as providing the technology solutions to protect you, we can also provide the training your staff need to help defend your business, as most cyber security incidents stem from human error rather than the technology in use. Ransomware is now readily available to would-be cyber-criminals and the technical requirements for acquiring and using it are far lower than you’d expect for a set of tools capable of so much damage.

The key is to avoid unwittingly becoming an easy target by simply not taking the preventative action at the right time. You can start here with the Government’s guidance outlining 10 Steps to Cyber Security or get in touch here to speak with a member of our engineering team about improving your Cyber Security today.