Cyber Essentials & GDPR

Cyber Essentials is a Government and Industry backed accreditation that describes a set of standards around Cyber Security Best Practices that should be implemented to protect your Business and Data from Cyber Attacks. It consists of a series of cyber security controls that we can implement on your behalf. Cyber Essentials is not only best practice but it’s also now a requirement of doing business with the public sector, and other organisations are expected to follow suit.

At stage 1 (Cyber Essentials) this involves self-assessment and external vulnerability testing. Stage 2 (Cyber Essentials Plus) extends from Stage 1 to internal testing of systems and processes for adherence to the standard.

You can start here with the Governments 10 steps program to Cyber Security or get in touch here to speak with a member of our engineering team about improving your Cyber Security today.
GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is the Legislation that will build upon the Cyber Essentials Standard. There is, however, much more to GDPR Compliance; GDPR calls for all businesses to classify and map the Data they hold. Securing Data with technology is only the start though as GDPR calls for processes and systems to be created to manage and enforce the standard. GDPR is not simply a revamping of the Data Protection Act; it is an entirely new standard of working.

If you’re unsure about how GDPR will change the way you look at data, click here to get in touch, we can guide you through the process.