Increase your Cyber Security and take control of your Applications and Storage with ThreatLocker®

ThreatLocker® puts your business ahead in the fight against malware and exploits by combining Application Whitelisting and RingFencing together into our Application Control. The solution is fast to deploy and has a low total cost of ownership solution.

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ThreatLocker® Application Control

ThreatLocker® takes application control beyond whitelisting. It’s time to take control of what’s important to your business.

ThreatLocker® stops viruses and malware without the need for signatures. Our unbreakable “default deny” approach blocks zero-day threats, unknown threats, and known threats. 

Unauthorised software could be silently copying your customer data without you even knowing it. With ThreatLocker®, you choose exactly what software is running in your business.

If you don’t know what software is running in your business. You may be unaware of illegal or dangerous applications. Know what’s happening with ThreatLocker Audit® today. 

ThreatLocker® Storage Control

ThreatLocker® takes storage control beyond just blocking USB hard drives, and gives you granular control over what happens on external storage devices, including network attached storage, USB drives and even secondary hard drives directly connected to your computer.

ThreatLocker® Storage Control is an advanced storage control solution that protects information. We give you the tools to control the flow and access of data. You can choose what data can be accessed, or copied, and the applications, users, and computers that can access said data. By using ThreatLocker®, you are in control of your file servers, USB drives, and your data.

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