Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) has several advantages over a traditional phone system:.
• Professional image (in the past only large companies would have this kind of call handling)
• Reduced costs (calls between branch offices are free, external calls are much lower cost).
• Flexibility (have your “desk” anywhere there is an internet connection).
• Available lines (no longer limited to a small fixed number of outside lines).
• Branch offices on the same system (all effectively in the same office for call transfers etc).
• Sales team connectivity.

Let us discuss the benefits of VOIP with you in more detail – together with how we can implement a VOIP system for you.  Our services include:
• Fact-finding (identifying the key numbers and lines involved).
• Planning and design (including how incoming calls are managed).
• Hardware set up (Handsets and any additional wiring required).
• Training.
• Fine tuning (ongoing as people move around and functional requirements change).

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