UK welcomes innovative, industry leading Audit & Control solution

A new highly intelligent application whitelisting and file audit & control solution has been introduced to the UK.

Arc IT is now offering new software solution called ThreatLocker® which has taken American enterprises by storm. It is essentially a “bouncer-on-the-door” and prevents anything from running or being accessed unless permitted by you.

ThreatLocker® has two elements which sets this innovative software apart:

• Application Control – which offers additional levels of ransomware protection through their game-changing, easy-to-use Application Whitelisting

• Storage Control – offering granular control over what happens on external storage devices, including file servers, USB drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, and comprehensive auditing and reporting on your data.

When both Application Control and Storage Control are paired, this provides an industry first protection of your files, through ring-fencing of your storage devices.

“It’s the most comprehensive suite we have seen so far. The addition of the Storage Control made this the perfect product to provide visibility, auditing, security and control for networks and sensitive data.

Alastair Cuthbert, MD of Arc IT said: “ThreatLocker® is perfect for organisations of any size as the cost isn’t prohibitive but it also has the features and scalability to fit for larger enterprises as well.

“You are able to see an audit trail of who is accessing what, when and with which program. The suite shows when a file is read, updated, copied, moved or deleted, to or from any storage device, and which user and application did this, providing you with full visibility and control over your own data. For example, enabling you to block copying of files to USB drives, or provide an audit trail in case of employee theft of IP.

“The Application Control shows everything that runs in your network, allowing you to permit or deny any application from running. Data protection can be practised by denying programs like Dropbox, and time can be saved by denying other application such as games. Requests for new programs to be allowed to run are actioned in the management portal. Once approved they can be active within 60 seconds.

“Essentially, only programmes that have been whitelisted can run on a computer, so viruses are blocked before they can even attempt to get in. Usually, the virus is blocked after it’s been identified. Basically, if it’s not on the list, it’s not coming in.

“This product is the peace of mind your company has been looking for.”

Very quick to deploy, ThreatLocker® has a learning mode to discover what is happening at present and enables instant lock down at speed. The responsiveness of the web portal down to the endpoint means users see the changes which have been pushed out within 60 seconds. The file audit is equally fast, with an almost real-time perspective on what files are changing, being accessed or deleted, all of which are visible in the portal.

The implications for GDPR or Cyber Essentials compliance are also significant. The suite gives an audit trail of sensitive data access, something which isn’t easily achievable without ThreatLocker® .

Combining the two products is where this suite really takes off – the ability to say that some data locations can only be accessed by certain programs adds a level of granular control that we have not seen before.

The ability to block or approve USB drives, and control the file types that may be copied to USB drives gives a powerful level of control over your data. You can also monitor, track and record when your files are emailed through a web data application.

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