When did you last change your password for…..

banking, Facebook, laptop,

Nearly everyone who has internet access uses the internet to make payments and do online banking, having an secure password is a essential in todays world, hackers no longer make it known that they have stolen your data with pop up boxes etc… now they steal and abuse accounts as much as they can before they are found out

Many online hackers are able to access less secure websites such as social networks they will then use your password and username to log into more secure websites such as your email and banking sites. Nowadays viruses specifically target your online banking, by scanning for saved user names and passwords!

Here are some simple tips to keep your PC and Online Accounts Secure:

  1.    Change your Passwords monthly
  2.    Don’t use the same password for different sites
  3.    Don’t use your kids names
  4.   Use upper case, lower case,number and a character mix
  5.   Don’t save your password in a text document on your pc
  6.  Up to date anti virus with regular scans

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