Recol Engineering

Recol Engineering

Customer Since 2014

“Recol’s business is complex and choosing an IT support partner that is both reliable and responsive is critically important to the smooth running of our operations. We have worked with arc IT since 2012 and have been continuously impressed with their excellent levels of customer service and support.

The staff at arc IT are polite are genuinely interested; friendly, and approachable. The team always call back when promised, which in its self is a fantastic service that a lot of companies offer but do not fulfil.

Our staff are never made to feel at fault and the response from the arc IT Support Team is never a negative one, but one of reassurance and positive feedback – and always ask “if there’s anything more they can do to help”.

They will work through day and night to solve any issue that may occur to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible”

Noel Lovatt Director