Ad hoc server support and 24×7 monitoring package offer

Ad hoc server support and 24×7 monitoring package for only £40 a month
Get proactive with your IT services using arc IT server monitoring. arc IT don’t just monitor RAM and Processor usage, arc IT will also monitor the things that really matter to your business – like Anti-Virus, WSUS, Backups, Exchange Server, and Event Logs. We can set up automated maintenance routines and system reporting.
Also as part of this package we will provide unlimited telephone, email and remote support for your server


We get alerted before you even know about issues and fix them before you suffer downtime.

Just the same as arc IT Alert but dedicated purely for servers, arc IT Alert Server can provide minute by minute, hour by hour, or day by day monitoring of your business’ most precious assets. Your servers will be monitored 24×7, and we will be alerted of any potential problems or issues. arc I.T. will know as soon as there is a problem. We will see the exact cause – and fix it fast to prevent downtime.

Why have 24×7 servers monitoring?

24×7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed – often involving time-consuming ‘systems fiddling’ on your part – our 24×7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your sites. We’ll almost always know about a systems issue before you do, so we can fix it fast and minimize your business disruption

As part of this service we could provide if needed weekly and monthly reporting