New server, Server support and server maintenance

How long would your server be down for if it crashed today due to lack of server support and maintenance?

Today’s organisations require business continuity, and service integrity must not be compromised; the extended enterprise service levels demand constant access and total availability. The average business suffered losses of between £6,000 – £12,000 due to server downtime; the reputation of your business cannot be calculated.

What is the cost per hour of your server being down?

Our server support and maintenance packages are tailored to your requirements, with flexible additional support options available including custom service levels and support plans. Server support and proactive server maintenance with the added benefit of 24×7 server monitoring can be done mainly by our remote software, or alternatively our engineers can visit your site to provide support.

New Server Supply and Installations

We can supply, install and configure all types of Microsoft servers – if you know the server specification you need we can just provide a server quote for you. If you are unsure we can provide several options for your server that will best suit your business needs.

Our new server supply includes :

  • Microsoft Servers all specifications and manufacturers
  • Windows server 2012
  • Microsoft Exchange email server
  • Application servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated Sage servers
  • Custom build servers
  • Standby disaster recovery and business continuity servers

We can offer installation, support and configuration with all our servers that we supply – we will liaise with all your 3rd party suppliers to ensure you get the best possible server for your budget and business requirements.